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Visit Frankfurt's Top 10 places with Coach Charter Frankfurt

Visit Frankfurt's Top 10 places with Coach Charter Frankfurt
Frankfurt am Main, Germany's fifth largest district, is an industrial metropolitan region in the middle of the larger metropolitan area of Rhine-Main. Frankfurt is a global and foreign centre for trade, entertainment , education, tourism and transport. The region is also the main financial centre in Europe, host to various significant European banks and financial institutions. The Messe Frankfurt is one of the biggest trade fairs in the country, home to several exhibits on the foreign markets. Last but not least, Frankfurt Airport is Germany's largest international airport and a big transportation centre not only for Europe but also the world as a whole.

Coach Charter Frankfurtis a family-run bus service with more than 40 years of business success in bus charter and tour bus hiring. Owning our own chartered bus and airport shuttle depots in central Frankfurt, we will satisfy any travel needs that you may have. We 're your flexible and skilled bus rental company if you require an airport shuttle service, a full-day tour bus service, a restaurant bus charter service, a tour bus hire for a few days, community trips, or state-of-the-art VIP business buses. Our team of Coach Charter Frankfurt Bus Charter would be delighted to receive your call.

Want any suggestions on how to spend time in Frankfurt? Take a peek at our top 10 tips for your travel to Frankfurt via charter bus:


The Römerberg is the Frankfurt historic center. This portion of the city was redesigned to reflect the original Frankfurt once. The Frankfurt City Hall dates back to 1405, and is surrounded by half-timbered towers. This historic square was once the site of Frankfurt's first trade fairs in the 13th century. The Römerberg is the birthplace of the popular Christmas market in Frankfurt too.


When you have a kid who is actually going through the dinosaur era, Germany's second largest natural history museum needs to be on your list. There are anatomically up-to - date, life-size dinosaur versions that will greet you at the door and inside there are fossils of triceratops, iguanodones, t-rex, diplodocus, parasaurolophus, and psittacosaurus. You will also meet Lucy, the Australopithecus afarensis, a 3.2 million-year - old skull, a close ancestor to contemporary humans. Please find more information about this beautfiul museum on their official website.


Frankfurt am Main definitely has one of Germany's most spectacular skylines, with its many skyscrapers. The Main Tower and the Messeturm are the tallest skyscrapers in town, achieving heights of 259 m and 256 m , respectively. There are a little over 100 buildings in the city so far, reaching up into the sky about 50 m long. Over the following years several more skyscrapers will be built as the Frankfurt skyline begins to develop.


Located under the old Frankfurt Opera House 's elegant exterior, it is one of the most famous concert halls, whose significance stretches well beyond Germany. A top-class selection of classical music , jazz and globally popular music and exhibition developments can be requested by concert guests here.


AGAIN You have the chance in the Palm Garden to immerse yourself in the botanical world's vibrant variety and wonder at plants from all around the globe. For starters, you will be awaited by subtropical ecosystems, a 1,200 sqm cactus garden and a glorious flower house with a 200 sqm sea of flowers.


Completed between 1789 and 1833, St. Paul 's Church is the cradle of German democracy: the church was used for democratic meetings and became the seat of the first freely elected German Parliament in 1848. The Paulskirche no longer serves as a church these days and operates as an event location for such events as the yearly presentation of the German Book Exchange Peace Prize at the Frankfurt Book Fair. It is based in Römerberg ..

7. Saalgasse

The Saalgasse in Frankfurt depicts a post-modern group of houses adorned in European colors, near the Historical Museum and the Weckmarkt. No two buildings are the same, not in form nor colour. Renowned architects were able to understand their designs according to their own concepts and layout and build the buildings. After World War II the small townhouses were all completed. Until that, there were half-timbered buildings going back to the late Middle Ages, several alleys and streets, among others. And during the fighting, these fall prey to the fire.


Shopping at Zeil, when in Frankfurt, will also be on the to-do plan. In Frankfurt, the main spot to shop is the bustling pedestrian zone called Zeil. This retail route, also regarded as "The Fifth Avenue of Germany," provides everything from chic boutiques to international department shops to the Zeil Galerie, the new 10-storey shopping center. Let your Coach Charter Frankfurt tour bus driver stand-by until the shops are cleared.

9. Kaiserdom

Frankfurt's old town is distinguished by one unique attraction: the world-famous Kaiserdom. It was built between 1250 and 1514, and was the elected church of the German nation's Holy Roman Empire kings and emperors. 10.

10. THE Home of Goethe

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the famed and most influential German novelist, was born in Frankfurt in 1749. Pay a visit to the house of Goethe in Frankfurt, opposite Römerberg. Throughout the Second World War the house was demolished and later restored after the war, including the family 's original furniture, paintings and books. There certainly are plenty of locations to stay in Frankfurt.

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