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Visit Heppenheim's Top 10 places with Coach Charter Frankfurt

Visit Heppenheim's Top 10 places with Coach Charter Frankfurt
Explore Heppenheim's Top 10 Attractions with Coach Charter Frankfurt - your affiliate for bus charter. Heppenheim sits between the Odenwald and Ried, only a few miles from the conurbations of the Rhine-Main-Neckar. Anyone who strolls through the old town of Heppenheim can really breathe history: ancient half-timbered homes, charming alleyways and idyllic squares define the picture of the area, the wine and festival regions. Starkenburg Castle sits right over it. Spring in Heppenheim stands for sun-drenched vineyards and perfectly blooming fruit trees; summer theater at "Im Hof un uff de Gass," the wine market at Bergstrasser and many more. When the autumn colors the yellow-red trees, and the vineyards shine, Heppenheim is always a wonderful time to visit. Around harvest time, the winegrowers are active and every corner has the scent of fresh wine-Federweißer and Federroter-and of course onion tart.

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Here are our top 10 tour bus destinations in Heppenheim and its surroundings:


Heppenheim 's beautiful Old Town is a largely conserved, picturesque old town center with lots of timber-frame houses. Any tiny traces of the town wall were also retained. Altstadt streets and squares include: Marktplatz; Marktgasse (Market Street); Schunkengasse; and Kleine Bach. Siegfriedstraße is a street on its north side outside the Altstadt, with a number of half-timbered buildings intermingled with more modern structures. Experience the art, see the people go about their everyday life, sample some lovely food and drink or just take a stroll around the Old City. So you'll enjoy it.


If you want long walks, enjoy several hours in the "Felsenmeer". Book your tour bus at Coach Charter Frankfurt and appreciate a half hour trip through the Odenwald. The Felsenmeer in the Vorderen Odenwald, on the mountainous plateau above Lautertal-Reichenbach is a mountainous area of dark gray quartz diorite. The Felsenmeer was already used for stone mining by the Romans and later by local stonemasons. Today the Felsenmeer is a popular tourist area and refuge for hikers and families. It lies within the "Felsberg bei Reichenbach" nature reserve. There is a small spring at the upper end of the Felsenmeer, whose rivulet flows down into the valley between the rocks and eventually flows into the Graulbach.


The castle was built about 1240 by Rudolf and Friedrich von Crumbach who from 1256 called themselves "Von Rodenstein." Since then, the castle has been named after him. The castle was redesigned many times in the years that followed, thereby altering its design. This was where the Rodenstein family lived until they died in 1635. When the castle was no longer in service, it slowly vanished with time. A Coach Charter Frankfurt Tour Bus can travel from Heppenheim to the ruins of the castle in just under half an hour.


Upon nightfall Heppenheim is "fabulous." Since 2004, more than 150 silhouettes by the artist Albert Völkl glow from the street lamps in Heppenheim's old town — all portraying Hessian legends. They 're sharing tales about ancient days, demons, gnomes and unredeemed knights. Tales of bravery and astuteness, of dedication and of loyalty. All lanterns are signposted and visitors can discover the entire Lantern Trail and therefore Heppenheim's old town by themselves. The silhouettes illuminated by street lamps led from the market square to hidden locations and romantic corners across narrow alleys, stimulating the audience's imagination just as the storytellers did back then.


In the district town of 25,000 people, the wine festival of over 60 years of history welcomes you to one of the most spectacular summer festivals on the Bergstrasse each year. The Bergstrasse Wine Market is one of the most popular globally known wine festivals in Hessen and is attended by 80,000 visitors a year, who are very pleased to experience the regular evolving music and entertainment programme. You are welcome to walk along the old town alleys, the wine bays and restaurants with comfortable outdoor seating allow you to stay and enjoy. This famous summer festival's culinary selection is quite diverse, which includes mountain wines, seccos, sparkling wines and other regional specialities.


Starkenburg Castle is situated on the 295 m elevated Schlossberg, above Heppenheim. Since of the incomparable look of the Rhine plain and the Odenwald, an elevation to the castle is worthwhile. The Höhenburg was founded to defend the monastery at Lorsch in 1065. For the monastery monks the castle became an significant refuge. Later its value decreased, in the second half of the 18th century, the castle was deserted and decayed over time. Over the years the Starkenburg Castle keep was so dilapidated that it was blown up in October 1924. The striking keep, which can be seen today from afar, was not finished until 1930. It is not in the center of the building, as expected, but at the entrance to the west. And the castle now has more open area in the courtyard. Very nothing has been retained in the initial historical building material. The Palas is still known as a hostel for young people these days. The Starkenburg Burgschänke is a perfect spot to stop for a bite to eat. There, even, marriages are held with joy.


The Heppenheim Museum is located in the Kurmainzer Amtshof, a 14th-century building site. The history of Heppenheim from the city's early days to the end of the 20th century is documented in the historical past and linked to the general urban transformation. The analysis reflects on the value of Starkenburg Castle, the past of the Wilhelminian Empire, National Socialism, the post-war period, the economic downturn and the democratic change that resulted from the student movement of 1968.


For several years, about 60 mill sites in water mills and a donkey mill not only rooted, but also pulverized, pounded, crushed, sawed, tumbled and produced electricity at Heppenheim and its districts. Such strong concentration of mills is quite rare on very small waterways. In the span of time, more than 1000 millers in the factories did their strenuous jobs. The circular road of 15 stations was set out in 2014 and was expanded to Kirschhausen in 2016 and augmented by a further 6 stations. Join us on exclusive led mill walks, or explore the facts of 800 years of mill history for yourself.


Sections of a Roman cobbled street were discovered in Darmstädter Straße in 1955, during civil engineering operations. The stones were protected and placed on Feuerbachplatz (Karl-Marx-Straße / Karlstraße junction). This paving in Rome is a true anomaly. These are wild cobblestones, partly polygonal, partly roundish in form, as these have been used to protect sidewalks, paths and surfaces for thousands of years. 


The Lorsch monastery was a Benedictine abbey in Lorsch, in Germany's Bergstrasse district (Hesse). It was established in 764, and as an imperial monastery until the High Middle Ages was a centre of strength, spirit and culture. After 1991 the Lorsch Monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Therefore, according to the Hague Convention it is a covered cultural asset. In 2013 the Lorsch Pharmacopoeia was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Germany from the end of the 8th century. The beautiful city of Heppenheim a der Bergstrasse is recognized worldwide and you should not neglect to visit this beautiful city while you are in the region.

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